2023 PROVINCIAL MUSIC FESTIVAL
How to Register for the Live or Virtual/Recorded Festivals:

Before you complete your online Registration form:

Go to the website of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals (org/en/)

      - click on the Nova Scotia flag.

      - check out the various tabs, and explore the options and the information available there.

You will find that there are tabs for:

  • Live Solo Registrations (Intermediate and Senior/Advanced Vocal, Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Musical Theatre and Chamber).
  • All Virtual/Recorded Classes: (Intermediate and Senior/Advanced Solo Guitar, Choral: School and Community choirs, Choral: Glee and Musical Theatre choirs, and Composition (Junior, Intermediate, Senior/Advanced) solo/duo and ensemble.
  1. With your teacher, check the FMFNS Syllabus which can be downloaded from the webpage ca and be certain that you are fully in compliance with the Syllabus requirements.
  2. Make note of when your registration/submission deadlines are scheduled for and make sure that you register/submit in time. Late registrations/submissions are not received.
  3. Before you complete the on-line Registration form, you will need to know:
  • the names of each of your pieces, the order in which you intend to present them, and the approximate time it will take to share each piece. As you plan this, please ensure that your total performance time, including all the additional time that you may have to allow between pieces, is within the time limit allowed for your discipline and class. Do not risk disqualification by being overtime.
  • the full name of the composer for each piece.                                                                                       
  • that you are ready to meet the requirements (as found on the website) re: spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and consistency of formatting for each of the pieces you are intending to perform.

This demands the utmost care and accuracy as this is the information that will go to your adjudicator, be on your adjudication sheet, and will be printed in the Official Program of the FMFNS.

  • the name of your Adjudicator.
  • the date of your Adjudication.
  • RCM level (s) - where they are available and required - of the pieces you are presenting at the Provincial Music Festival. If they are all at the one level, then e.g. RCM 8. If they range over several levels, then e.g. RCM 7 - 9.
  • the name and email address of your local festival administrator.
  • the name, email address, and contact telephone no. of your accompanist (if you need one).
  • whether you or your local festival will be paying your registration fee.
  • If you encounter difficulties preparing to register or when you are registering:
  • For all live solo classes, contact: Gerry Punk√©, Provincial Registrar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     For all virtual/recorded classes, contact: Martha Healy, Provincial Administrator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.