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No Cost Attractions While Visiting the New Glasgow Area

There is plenty of shopping and there are sporting opportunities and museums that you might like to visit.
The list below is just a short one of some no-cost possibilities that might attract you:

Visit the New Glasgow Farmers’ Market, Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm

Walk the Trails on either side of the East River, New Glasgow: the Pioneer Trail and/or the Samson Trail

Visit Trenton Park: 6 Km of walking/hiking trails; trout ponds, wildlife with picnic and family areas;

Visit the Shire town of nearby Pictou: enjoy the Waterfront, the Hector Heritage Quay and the Jitney Trail

Green Hill Provincial Park
: a picnic park with panoramic views of Pictou County

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park:
a very popular 2 Km of beach with boardwalks

Powell’s Point Provincial Park
: large picnic areas, warm waters, sandy beach one side and rocky the other. A kayaker’s paradise.