1. A high standard of music selection is expected at each level, both Local Festival and Provincial Festival. SENIOR: Selections must be of advanced difficulty and should include at least one large scale work, as defined in Va, #1. Competitors in Senior Musical Theatre Class 21 must consult the descriptors of music appropriate for that competition. JUNIOR: Juniors must be performing at least Grade 8 (Grade 7 for voice) repertoire as recognized by any Canadian Conservatory of Music (Grade 4 for Chamber Group as defined by Music Company literature).
  2. All copyrights MUST be observed. Photocopies or manual copies of copyright music will not be accepted, unless written permission has been obtained from the publisher. Contestants must provide original scores of music, containing SOLO AND ACCOMPANINENT in the proper key, for the adjudicator. THE ACCOMPANIST must perform from another ORIGINAL score, and members of chamber groups must perform from ORIGINAL PARTS. Failure to do so automatically disqualifies the contestant. As an aid to the adjudicator, contestants MUST NUMBER the first bar of each line in their scores.
  3. Memory work is mandatory in Senior Classes 1 through 6, and 20 and 21. It is strongly recommended that contestants perform from memory in Junior Classes 101 through 106, and 120. For Class 7, all works for solo percussion instruments must be memorized. For multi instrument works, memory is encouraged but not required. For Class 8, memorization is not required. For Junior Class 107, memorization is not required.
  4. Contestants in solo classes who have previously competed at the Provincial Level shall not repeat repertoire previously used in competition. In the Chamber Group class, if more than one member returns, no repetition of music will be allowed. 5. Contestants shall be responsible for providing their own accompanists and covering the accompanists’ expenses. Accompaniment is restricted to one (1) piano in Senior Classes 1 through 8, and 20 and 21, and in Junior Classes 101 through 107, as well as 120. The accompanist’s name MUST be submitted with registration.