Competitors must state their voice category or instrument.

A combination of any recognized orchestral instruments including harp, guitar, recorder and/or percussion with or without piano and/or one voice, with a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 performers, each having their own part. When piano is included, the piano part must be original and not an orchestral reduction. Instrumentation and amplification may be used only as indicated in the original score.

Local Festival

Competitors must be recommended from a Senior or Provincial class as provided for in the Local Festival Syllabus. No conductor.

Provincial Festival

  • Maximum time limit of 40 minutes including set-up, tuning, pauses and striking (removal of equipment)
  • Two selections consisting of:
    1. At least two consecutive movements of own choice selection performed at Local level
    2. One Own Choice selection (may not be another movement of the above)