The competition will be conducted at two progressive levels:

Local Festival

Adjudicators at the local festival may choose, in each of the defined Large Ensemble categories, one ensemble which is felt to be of Provincial standard. The written recommendation shall be sent to the Provincial Registrar by May 15th.

Provincial Festival

Adjudicators at the Provincial festival may choose, in each category submitted, one ensemble which is felt to be of National standard. The written recommendation shall be sent to the Executive Director of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals by registered mail not later than June 20th.

  1. Participation is limited to amateur Canadian groups, performing in the appropriate class[es] at affiliated festivals.
  2. Groups may enter only one ensemble class at the National level.
  3. Only selections performed, adjudicated and recommended from Local and Provincial Festivals are acceptable.
  4. Please note that the definition of the term ‘selection’ for large ensemble classes is “a single movement composition OR one or more movements of a multi-movement composition”. A group of pieces by the same composer or from an existing song cycle by a composer is acceptable as a multi-movement work.
  5. The competition is based on the performance of TWO CONTRASTING SELECTIONS, only ONE of which may include brief solo or solo ensemble passages.
  6. The total number of bars of the solo or solo ensemble passage[s] must not exceed 10% of the total length of the selection.


  1. A Festival official must supervise and witness the recording of the performance of groups recommended for Provincial/National competitions.
  2. Only MP3 recordings are acceptable formats for the submission of ensemble entries.
  3. Recordings must be completed with the same group and conductor as in the original local performance. The recording must be one take.
  4. No acoustic or electronic compensation, filtering, or other enhancement is to be used while [or post] recording.
  5. Recordings and music scores should contain no reference to the name of the group, its conductor or the festival from which it has been sent.
  6. All copyrights regarding music must be observed.
  7. Recorded Large Ensemble entries must be submitted by completing the provided online submission form before the entry deadline. Submission materials will include:
    1. The recordings for each selection
    2. A clear, scanned copy of each score [including a picture of the cover, receipt for digital purchase or proof of Public Domain]
    3. A short biography of the ensemble, group photo, waiver, and media contacts